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CoMo Pagans and Witches
Borderless Communication
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24th-Sep-2006 12:25 pm - Post Equinox Ramble
Circle last night/this morning was amazing.

Ritual-The Looooong VersionCollapse )

During the ritual we sang a few songs, which was something I hadn't done before. It was really a great energy builder and let me personally focus a little better once I picked up the song. I've still got "The Earth is a Woman" stuck in my head, and I couldn't be happier about it.

It was a really moving experience. After we sang the circle open it was a total hug fest, everyone was very up and happy. We then sat around a bonfire and sang until we got too sleepy or too cold whichever and went inside.

It was pretty much the best group worship experience that I've ever had. I'm really looking forward to Samhain right now.
20th-Sep-2006 12:24 pm - Intro and Mabon thoughts
Hey! I found this group via tiasanna. My name is Kelly, and I've been around the block in the pagan community around here...long story, but I am no longer part of the Big Umbrella Org. in town. My coven also dissolved recently, though that was a fairly amicable split. I'm trying to get back into the flow of solitary practice now, which I hadn't done much of while in the coven, and also working on a combined practice with my girlfriend.

I'm 28 years old; I live with the boy and a very large dog here in CoMo. I've been pagan for about 8 years and I'm a big ol' eclectic.

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10th-Sep-2006 02:51 am - Getting our hellos out of the way.
My name is Corey and I identify as a pagan. At the moment, I am a Solitary Practitioner though I have worked with a group previously. I have many spiritual interests; including herbalism, tarot, and energy manipulation. I'm mostly self taught with a side of short-lived but influential mentors and a large portion of respect for the Powers think I am tasty with milk.

I am planning on doing a Equinox ritual with a friend right now, but have other plans bubbling for that time frame as well.

I would love to have other people tell a little bit about themselves and perhaps their plans for Mabon/Equinox, if they'd like to share.

By the way, I am aware there are about four billion other groups, but I wanted to try something of an open forum. It's hard being the new kid and eveyone in this town has been the new kid, at some time. I wanted to make a place where a person doesn't have to be invited personally to put in a word or two.
10th-Sep-2006 02:49 am - Greetings
Hello Everybody

The purpose of this group is to communicate with other local Pagans. It's not to promote one certain avenue of Alternate Spirituality over another. It is also not Coven or Organization based. It is however happily open to those that are already affiliated with another group.

I moved to Columbia, MO over two years ago and I'm still looking for people that I can connect with in a spiritual manner. I've had general invitations to OA and publicly organized events, and while those events can be fun they seem to be the pretty parts that get brought out for company.

I am tired of looking for hints when I talk to people. A necklace or ring should not have to discern who I can openly speak to. 'Nice pendant' should be a compliment, not a code.

Having a community to fall back on is an essential need that everyone has. A place where people can speak freely about what they believe without fear of being ridiculed. A group that is willing to listen when someone has a problem, or might even have a solution to a troublesome situation. Everyone needs something they can give back to.

Thanks for stopping by.

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